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Chip and Dale
Chip and Dale are the proud grandparents of the Bunnington family. They have watched their family grow for over 20 years! Chip is a talkative fellow who likes to tell silly jokes and tall tales about the adventures of his youth. Dale loves baking carrot pies and playing in the garden with all of her grandchildren. If you invite Chip and Dale over, they are sure to provide you with delightful company.
Luke and Mia
Luke and his wife, Mia, are the parents of the Bunnington children. They bonded over their shared interests of gardening and fancy clothes. Luke is good at planting and harvesting, while Mia makes sure all of their fruits and vegetables are artfully arranged. Luke and Mia are both dutiful parents who work hard to make sure that everybody in the family is happy.
Lucy and Oliver
Oliver and Lucy are the newest additions to the family. They may be the smallest of the Bunningtons, but they are also the most playful. Lucy and Oliver enjoy hopping around in the garden, digging for radishes and eating Grandma Dale’s carrot pie. If you are looking for someone to brighten up your home or workplace, then Oliver and Lucy are the rabbits for you.
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